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​​Category 1: Small Craft & PWC Boat Lift Systems
Category 2: Elite Beamless Boat Lifts
Category 3: Elevator Boat Lifts
Category 4: Walkabout Platform Boat Lifts
Category 5: Cradle Boat Lifts: Basic and Elite​​

Services Include:

  • Docks, Pilings & Repair
  • Boat Lifts & Boat Lift Repair
  • Dock Resurfacing
  • Design & Permitting
  • Cleaning & Maintenance

​Docks & Boat Lifts​

To view our full line of dock accessories, please visitDockSupplyDepot.com, a wholly owned division ofCORE Marine Contractors, Inc.

hurricane boat lifts

Vero Dock is proud of our association with Hurricane Boat Lifts. We have installed and serviced a variety of lift brands and styles; in our professional opinion, Hurricane is the industry leader.


• Limit switch
• UHS2x High Speed Gears
• Patented Lift Lock


• Your choice of gears

• Top beam covers

• Stainless steel motors

• Adjustable cable slides

• Aluminum grooved winders

• Remote control

• Prewound and assembled

• Choice of wood or aluminum bunks

• Cable keepers

• Bolt caps

• Aluminum machined pulleys

• Stainless steel pilemount Brackets

vero beach dock builders

Vero Dock will see your dock / boat lift project through from start to finish - from permitting to final inspection. Let us help you design and create a beautiful, property enhancing dock, boat lift, seawall, pilings, or custom floating dock.

Vero Dock believes in service after the sale. We offer scheduled maintenance programs and dock and boat lift repair services. Please
contact us for more information or to schedule your next lift service.

Contact Vero Dock for all your dock and boat lift needs: 772-234-4250.


• 15 Year Structural
• 5 Year Gear Box
• 2 Year Motor
• 2 Year Comprehensive *BEST IN INDUSTRY

​​​​​​Now Hiring Carpenters & Boat Lift Techs

floating docks & kayak ramps

Our kayak ramps and floating docks make accessing the water safe and convenient.  High tide or low tide, we design ramps and docks that are perfect for kayakers and paddle-boarders alike. 

Vero Dock will design a kayak ramp or floating dock that fits your needs.


The Category 5 "Elite" is the finest cradle boat lift on the market and by far our most popular installation package. Unmatched in value and aesthetics; if equipped with our 

new UHS2x gears, it is the fastest cradle lift in the world!